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The Robots of Dawn (Robot, #3) Isaac Asimov

The Robots of Dawn (Robot, #3)

Isaac Asimov

Published 1985
ISBN : 9780586061992
480 pages
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 About the Book 

SF. This is the third in the R. Daneel Olivaw series and Detective Elijah Baley has been sent off-planet to Aurora to investigate a roboticide. Hes loaded on a spacer ship, deloused, and then sent to his quarters where hes to remain for the duration of the journey. Everythings so foreign and uncomfortable that Elijah cant help himself when he sees Daneel come through the door -- he hugs him.These books are all still about the love between a man and his humaniform robot. Over the course of the trilogy, Elijah goes from hating robots on principal, to grudgingly working with one, to actively liking Daneel, to thinking of him not as a robot, but as a friend. Elijah overcomes his prejudices (most of them), opens his mind, and starts considering alternate ways of thinking, spearheading a movement to return earthlings to the soil and send them out into space to relieve the stress on an already crowded Earth. This book is a little less Elijah/Daneel intensive because Daneel spends a lot of his time on Aurora chillin in a wall niche, but theres still plenty of love. Actual textual love. Observe:Yes, Dr. Vasilia. My choice in the matter -- the Earthman over you -- arises not only out of Dr. Fastolfes instructions, but because the Earthman and I are partners in this investigation and because-- Daneel paused as though puzzled by what he was about to say, and then said it anyway, --we are friends.Vasilia said, Friends? An Earthman and a humaniform robot? Well, there is a match. Neither quite human.Baley said, sharply, Nevertheless bound by friendship. Do not, for your own sake, test the force of our-- Now it was he who paused and, as though to his own surprise, completed the sentence impossibly, --love.Love! I was eating crackers at the time and nearly choked. The really fabulous thing about all this is the suggestion that its a just a short hop away from Daneel and Elijah actually being in love. After all, this is the book that introduces the phrase robot husband and features Elijah thinking hed cuddle up to Daneel for comfort if only he were human. And then he pretty much does it anyway. Im telling you, all about the love.