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Total Meditation Susannah Marriot

Total Meditation

Susannah Marriot

ISBN : 9781840725834
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 About the Book 

These comprehensive exercise work books feature in-depth introductions into the subject, followed by step-by-step instructions with easy-to-follow colour photographs, anatomical diagrams showing muscle groups and core movements, definitions of key terms, routines for differing times and energies, energy boosters and cool downs - they really are the Total guide in their field. Total Meditation: With explanations of key techniques, chants, breathing exercises and accompanying stretches, this is the complete guide to meditation in its many forms. Total Strength Training for Women: Strength training is not just about building muscle, its also about toning, improving stamina and fitness levels to create a suppler, leaner bodyshape. This complete guide will teach women how to strength train using both free weights and resistance machines to get the shape and energy they want.